Betting Experts Football

Betting Experts Football

Betting Experts Football

In accordance with the provisions of Articles L.343520-3 and 320-4 of the Internal Security Code and Articles L.53451-10 and following of the Monetary and Financial Code, Betting Experts is subject to legal obligations of vigilance and implementation of measures aimed at combating fraud, money laundering, the financing of terrorism and the manipulation of sporting events in connection with betting. Pursuant to Article L.561-6 of the Monetary and Financial Code, Betting Experts is required to exercise constant vigilance over its business relationship with the player and the transactions he carries out, ensuring that all of these You Bet operations are consistent with Betting Experts’ up-to-date knowledge of the player concerned.

18.2. Betting Experts carries out a reinforced examination of unusual operations or operations which do not appear to have any economic justification or lawful purpose and sends the player, if necessary, a request for additional information relating in particular to the origin of the funds, the destination of the sums, as well as on the purpose of the Betting Experts operation and the identity of the person who benefits from it. As such, the player undertakes to transmit to Betting Experts any information necessary for the latter to comply with the aforementioned obligations. Thus, Betting Experts uses all the elements relating to the player of which it is aware to meet the legal obligations set out in this article and if necessary, proceeds to the cancellation, restriction or blocking of any operation as well as the blocking of the BETTING EXPERTS account or upon termination of the business relationship, in particular by closing the BETTING EXPERTS account. Also, where applicable, by postponing the payment of cash (including prizes) appearing in the YOU BET account under the conditions provided for in Article 9 of Decree No. 2023410-518 of May 19, 2010, by any means it deems appropriate. If it deems it necessary and in the cases provided for by the Monetary and Financial Code, Betting Experts transmits the elements relating to the player of which it is aware to the competent authorities.


I Bet

I Bet can put in place these measures in the event of non-compliance with these general conditions such as:

– cases of closure followed by reopening of an I Bet account which would become excessively repeated and unexplained by the same player;

– cases of usurpation or attempted usurpation of a player’s identity;

 – the similarities in behavior between several I Bet player accounts or information leading to the suspicion of sharing I BET accounts (identity of bank accounts, postal address, e-mail address, telephone number, IP address, digital media, identical game settings, use of a large number of different means of payment);

– cases of unusual I Bet stakes (volume and very close time intervals, significant stakes on very low odds, stakes on all the selections of the same bet, recurring stakes on offers of voided bets).

Finally, any fraud or attempted fraud and more generally any infringement, manifested by the commencement of execution, may be prosecuted in accordance with the criminal provisions in force.

In addition, pursuant to Articles L.561-10 1°, L.56352-2 and L.563452-3 of the Monetary and Financial Code, You Bet implements regular monitoring of politically exposed persons, as well as persons subject to an asset freeze measure.

These regulations apply to players who have played online at I Bet’s online sports betting offer authorized by approval no. 0013-PS-2043510-06-05 issued to I Bet by the Regulatory Authority online games in its decision no. 20134534-014 of June 5, 2010, in accordance with the provisions of law no. money and chance online.


Betting You

The “General Conditions of Betting You’s online games offer” made on April 5, 2001 and its successive modifications published on the Betting You website of the National Gaming Authority apply to players making their online gambling on the pages of the site and from the applications, accessible from different media such as computers, mobile terminals and/or tablets, etc. Certain bets and/or predictions may not be available from the applications, from certain media or on the website

1.3. In accordance with Articles L123320-7 and L320-8 of the Internal Security Code, the YouBet owner, managers, corporate officers and staff of Betting You may not personally, directly or through an intermediary, place bets on proposed bets by Betting You.

The term game refers to all the rules allowing the obtaining of a gain based on the accuracy of one or more YouBet sports predictions of a combination.

2.1.2. The Betting You sporting event is the match or competition serving as the basis for one or more bets. It takes place over one or more periods of play. Several sporting events can serve as support for a single bet.

2.1.3. The period of a sporting event represents the time interval of the game phase on which a bet can be made. The YouBet period to be taken into account may be regulation time, a day or part of a day of competition or any other period specified in these rules or in the title of the betting formula presented to the player. If not specified, the Betting You period to be taken into account is the regulation time. The winnings of the players are determined according to the results occurring at the end of the period to which the bet relates. The specific rules for determining results are detailed in Article 4

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