Today’s Best Bets

Today’s Best Bets

Today’s Best Bets

The bet is a question posed to the player relating to a period of one or more sporting events and the today’s best bets. The question is specific to each betting formula, as mentioned in sub-article 2.3. Two types of today’s best bets are offered to the player:

  • A pre-match today’s best bets cover a validation period ending no later than the start of the sporting event(s).
  • A live today’s best bets cover a validation period beginning at the earliest one hour before the sporting event(s) and at the latest until the end of the sporting event(s). The today’s best bets forecast dates and times of each sporting event presented to the player corresponding to the dates and times of mainland France.

The today’s best bets forecast is one of the answers to the question posed in the bet.

2.1.6. A rating is assigned to each today’s best bet; it is greater than or equal to 1 and has up to two decimal places. The odds are established by Today’s Best Bets and are subject to change during the validation period of the stakes of a bet. The authentic odds for determining the winning of a combination are those recorded and sealed by computer when validating the betting and indicated on the confirmation screen of today’s best bet.

2.1.7. The combination is the association of one to twenty predictions of different today’s best bets. Only one prediction is possible per today’s best bet.

Computer sealing Computer sealing is the method by which the integrity of computer data can be proven by means of a “seal” (sometimes called a “digital fingerprint”) which allows any You Bet modification to be detected.


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